Cheap Virtual Office

cheap virtual office

Before deciding on a cheap virtual office plan, there are a few factors you should look for. These include the price, the service you get for the price, and the phone number and receptionist you will get with your plan. There are also several benefits to using a virtual office. For example, many of these plans include business lounges, mailbox handling, and a professional answering service. In addition, some virtual offices offer pay-as-you-go business lines and receptionists who can answer your calls in your company’s name.


The cost of running a virtual office can be substantial, but it can also be managed. Many of these facilities require significant operational changes and financial investment. If you are considering implementing a virtual office, it’s important to consider these factors before committing. This will help you determine how much to budget for your new virtual office.

In addition to being cost-effective, virtual office space has a number of advantages. These features make it an excellent choice for those looking for a lower cost way to operate their businesses. For example, a virtual office can save business owners the trouble of setting up an office, and can help them focus on other parts of their business.


A cheap virtual office service is a great way for a small business to get a professional address and customer service. Most of these companies will have a professional voicemail system and a phone number that routes calls to specific team members or areas. These services can also help small businesses boost their SEO. However, some businesses require a full-time, permanent office space. This is because some tasks are more effective when done in the physical location. The most important thing to remember when using a virtual office provider is that the office space may not be accessible after regular business hours.

The cost of a cheap virtual office service depends on the type of services that the business needs. Some services are free and others require a small monthly fee. The Davinci Virtual Office, for example, offers basic receptionist services for only $50. It also offers premium plans, which offer 50 or 100 live receptionist minutes per month and administrative tasks. These packages vary by office location and range from $50 to $200 per month. Those who want a professional receptionist and a full reception desk may be able to sign a six-month contract with a $150-$200 setup fee.

Phone number

If you’re looking to save money and set up your business in a professional way, a phone number for a cheap virtual office is a good option. With this service, you’ll have a business phone number in a variety of area codes without having to spend a lot of money on renting or buying a real office. In addition to saving money, this service allows you to be more flexible. It works through web-connected devices and VoIP technology, so you can receive and make calls from anywhere. It’s also easy to remember, and can help to promote your organization’s brand and services.

One of the best aspects of a virtual office is its location. Ideally, the location should be close to major transportation hubs and subway stations. For instance, an address near Penn Station or Grand Central Station would be ideal for a company that needs to stay near their clients. Alternatively, a virtual office near the Wall Street and Court Street subway stations in Brooklyn would be ideal for a legal or financial firm.


A virtual office can save a firm thousands of dollars per year in personnel costs. For example, hiring an experienced receptionist can cost up to $70K, including recruitment and training costs and medical insurance. In contrast, a virtual office company will supply a professional receptionist and take care of phone answering and other administrative duties. Businesses often choose to use a virtual office for its flexibility. This can increase their productivity and decrease vacation days. It also eliminates the hassle of commuting to and from a physical office.

A virtual office with receptionist can also improve customer service. By answering calls in a timely manner, a business can avoid the potential customer frustration associated with long hold times and missed opportunities. A friendly, helpful receptionist will help customers feel valued.