Registered Business Address Services

registered business address service

A registered business address service is a great way to give your business a professional first impression. The registered office address is publicly available, and it must be published on your website and Companies House. If you do not publish your registered office address, the address of your home will be displayed. It can lead some unscrupulous people to think that you are a rich businessman or possess valuable stock. Regardless of whether you intend to use your address for marketing purposes, you should make sure that it is an accurate reflection of your business.

Virtual business address

A virtual business address service is a great way for any business to present a professional image to customers. It allows you to operate your business from the comfort of your home and is an excellent option for people who don’t want to rent an office space. Additionally, a virtual business address serves as your legal business address, which can be helpful if you are required to respond to government correspondence or other correspondence regarding your business.

Virtual business address services are usually provided by mail services like PostScan Mail. These services can receive mail for businesses, but you’ll need two forms of identification to register. Once your business is registered, you’ll be notified to update your address on your USPS Form 1583.


iPostal1 is a registered business address service that offers a digital mailbox and software. This technology allows you to manage and deliver your mail and packages remotely. Whether you are at work or away on vacation, iPostal1 will make your mail management easier than ever.

The service offers a variety of plans to suit your needs. You can choose to receive mail at a local or toll-free phone number, get a fax number, or even store voice mail messages. The service also offers international options, as well as a range of addresses throughout the United States.

Active Filings

If you want a registered business address, you may want to consider using Active Filings. The company’s website lists several packages and their prices. All packages come with an annual report. Active Filings doesn’t mention recurring fees, but they do mention a state fee that’s included with all packages. The company also doesn’t list how much the annual report costs, but it claims to employ four people.

Active Filings also offers incorporations, which are similar to LLCs. Although they are more complicated, incorporations can have structural and tax advantages. Incorporation service is part of the three main packages offered by Active Filings. For a price comparable to an LLC, you may want to consult an accountant or small business expert to determine which option is right for your company. Incorporation is particularly beneficial for nonprofit organizations, as it provides a stronger liability protections.


UpCounsel is a service that matches you with the best attorneys in the area. It does so by assessing your specific needs, industry, and location. The service has proven incredibly useful to companies in the tech, real estate, and legal industries. It’s also been used by attorneys who are looking to fill in the gaps in their practice, like when they need a few part-time attorneys to work on a big project.

It launched in 2012 and is backed by venture capital. Its revenue fluctuates, depending on site traffic and lawyer engagements. Despite this, UpCounsel is profitable.